22 septembre 2011

Last chance for Animals LCA, l histoire de chuppy

Issu de The Hachiko Coalition Page sur Facebook:
Remember Chuppy, the Shiba Inu Mix? Charles and Yoshiko rescued Chuppy in Hirono on 4/29/2011 She was physically reasonable healthy as neighbors were able to leave food out for her, but her emotions would never be the same. She still will not go out for walks in the rain now and has a lifelong fear of water. Chuppy survived the actual tsunami itself which completely destroyed the entire neighborhood she lived in. She was reunited with her owners and the blissful reunion captured on video. Chuppy could not stay with her owner as she now lived in a small apartment with no pets allowed. Isabella from AFN cared and looked after Chuppy until June when Charles permanently placed Chuppy with the owner's good friend who lives only 6 blocks away. Chuppy's owner can see Chuppy as frequently as she likes and knows that Chuppy has a safe and loving home that she shares with two other canine friends. Charles and Yoshi are now on their own and continue in their animal rescue missions. Please support them through your donations.

Last Chance for Animals saved 366 animals from the disaster areas and nuclear evacuation zone in Japan. This is the story of just one of them. Chuppy was fou...


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